The paragliding is built from the flat parachutes used on a slope, it was born in the late 70's, by the inventiveness of climbers who wanted to fly down with a parachute from the peaks they had climbed.

It’s called Paragliding because "Para" is derived from parachutes and "Gliding" from slope. The technical definition would be something like this: flexible lightweight glider; light that weighs less than the pilot, between 15 to 20 kg, although there are mountain equipments that do not exceed 5 kg of whole kit; glider because it takes advantage of thermals to fly and flexible because there are not rigid parts that make up the wing, so you can put it in a backpack.

Another feature of the wing, is the very low minimum speed required for take-off of around 20 kilometers per hour, no aircraft have this feature, you can take-off with a slight run downhill.

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